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DAZ1904, Grain to Trayning 22/10/08

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        This page is about, what the title says, The History of Western Australian Railways and Stations,
                    Photo submissions and information on the Sidings and Stations of WA are welcomed.

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                                  Latest  Updates To The Website

11th of June 2009, Uploaded some photos sent in by Bernie Morris, these include photos of, Anketell,
Connolly, Naretha, Paroo and Wiluna.

10th of June 2009
, Tonights update features photos from the former siding of Stretton, on the Wickepin Line.

9th of june 2009
, Added photos, which I took in December 2008, of the old Merredin Station and Museum.

8th of June 2009
, Photos of Boundain and Noman's Lake Sidings have been uploaded as well as some of the
Narrogin CBH facility.

6th of June 2009
, Received some 1960's photos of Bodalin, from Fred Rance and a 1986 photo of Cuballing,
from Simon Barber, plus some new photos of Kulin Yard and Station I took on the 28th of May.

3rd of June 2009
, Tonight, I've uploaded a large number of images taken over the past week or so including,
Trains on the GSR, 25th and 27th of May 2009.

Train #393 out to Kulin, 28th of May 2009.

Train #465, Light Engine up the Wickepin Line, 31st of May 2009.

29th of May 2009
, Chased 393 Grain out on the Kulin Branch yesterday, I'll upload these photos soon,
however for now, below is one of the photos from the days outing. Anyways, todays updates include photos,
of Brookton CBH, Gnowangerup, Kwobrup and Goomalling.

                         #393 on the Kulin Branch

27th of May 2009
, The next batch of Siding photos include, Dwarda, Nyabing, Tambellup and Yornaning.

25th of May 2009
, More WA Station photos uploaded, tonight's include, Cuballing and Kamballie.

24th of May 2009
, New photos uploaded of the soon to be completed Beckwith Siding, on the Standard Gauge
Line, between Koolyanobbing and Kalgoorlie, plus some more 1927/28 photos uploaded, this time of...
Comet Vale, Beechina and Burbanks.

23rd of May 2009
, Todays uploads feature, Kuringup, Pallinup, Ongerup and a photo of Bodalin dating
back to Nov 1928, also I have relocated some photos from the Woolgangie profile to the Boorabbin profile,
due to recently discovering that this is the actual location of where the photos were taken.

22nd of May 2009, Tonights updates include, photos of Chinocup and Congelin Sidings.

16th of May 2009
, Uploaded Siding profile photos for, Argyle, Ballaying and Badgebup.

15th of May 2009
, More photos from Wally Rowe, these being... Locomotives in the Goldfields, plus some
locomotive photos from me, taken the other week, when driving down from Port Hedland to Perth, via Kal,
Trains Around WA, April 2009.

20th of April 2009
, Received some photos recently from Walter Rowe, these being of
The Remains of the King Battery and Tramway.

17th of April 2009
, A rare movement captured today, with a grain fleet running from Albany to Avon Yard,
I chased Train #6306, From Boyerine to Narrogin.

15th of April 2009
, Some more Siding photos uploaded, those being of Moulyinning and Duggan, plus a range
of Various Train Photos throughout April 09.

14th of April 2009
, Uploaded some photos I took of Dumberning Siding site, last Tuesday.

5th of April 2009
, Todays update features P2514-P2513 on a grain, Out to Newdegate 3rd of April 2009.

4th of April 2009
, More photos uploaded, this lot are of, Trains Around Albany, 26th of March 2009.

1st of April 2009
, Finally online down south here and with an update to the website of, Photos uploaded
of Boorabbin and Karalee, as well 40 images of a busy day of Trains Around Wagin, 25th of March 2009.

13th of March 2009
, Currently with no internet connection at my place down south of WA, I've only
been able to do updates to the website or check emails when up in Perth.... anyways here's some pics
of Trains Around Woodanilling, Wagin and Katanning, March 2009.

21st of February 2009
, Uploaded some photos of Trains on the way to Swakopmund (Namibia).

19th of February 2009
, 30 photos uploaded of Various Trains in October and December 2008.

5th of February 2009
, The first of the Namibian Station profiles, in... Windhoek Station.

4th of February 2009
, Todays updates include more photos of Formby, Narembeen and Bruce Rock.

3rd of February 2009
, Uploaded some more photos, which include, Burekup, Korbel and Yealering sidings.

1st of February 2009, More siding photos, including Koonadgin, Eulaminna, Mount Morgans and Wilga.

30th of January 2009, Some more photos of loco's for the class listings, todays include the R Class, T Class
and TA Class (all ex WAGR)

29th of January 2009
, Added some more Diesel Loco's to the Locomotive Class Listings Page, including
the BB class (Pemberton Tramway), E class (SECWA), KA/RA class (WAGR) and the MA class (WAGR).

27th of January 2009
, For the first time in 3 weeks, I'm able to get online and do an update. Here's some
photos of Trains in Mariental (January 2009), Namibia.

5th of January 2009
, The photos just keep on coming in, some new ones of Wogarl and Kwobrup, plus some
pics of the old Ash pit and fuel stand at Pingrup and lastly some new pics of the old railways Dam and water
tank foundations at Farrar.

4th of January 2009
, The next batch of photos include, Kebaringup, Muntadgin and Nookanellup Sidings.

3rd of January 2009
, Received some more photos in the past day or so, Weam and Muradup Sidings in WA
and some photos of Manoora Station in South Australia, which show a comparison of what the station looks

like now, compared to in 1997.

2nd of January 2009
, Todays uploads include some photos of Carlecatup, Toompup and Qualeup Sidings.

1st of January 2009
, The first update for the year, Korbelka, Kulja and Holly Sidings.

31st of December 2008
, Last update for the year, Bullaring, Nyabing and Punchmirup Sidings.

29th of December 2008
, The next lot of new wheatbelt siding photos include, Belka, Borden and Hedges.

26th of December 2008
, Some more siding photos from the wheatbelt.. Lomos, Badgebup and Kirwin.

23rd of December 2008
, More Wheatbelt photos uploaded, this time, DAZ1905, on a Grain to Narembeen.

22nd of December 2008
, Added 20 images from a chase of P2510-AB1501, up the Beacon Line.

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