Donnelly River Mill

Donnelly Mill, 2008

Donnelly River Mill, was constructed in 1949 and was a timber Milling Operation run by Bunnings Bros, located in the South West of Western Australia. The mill was serviced by a Private Branch Railway Line, running from Yornup to the mill (19kms to the west). The steam hauled trains, loaded with sawn timber, running to the WAGR Siding of Yornup, were the last Private Timber Rail Operations in Western Australia and ceased in March 1970. The railways along the branch line to Yornup, were pulled up in June 1970 and the Mill eventually closed in June 1978. (Sourced from the book : Rails through the Bush, by Adrian Gunzburg and Jeff Austin)

Rail leading into the Mill, 5th of February 2011

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A single piece of track is still in place on the west side of the mill (left), pieces of rail infrastructure still litter the old track bed (right), 5th of February 2011

Donnelly River Mill from the townside, 5th of February 2011

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Donnelly Mill, 2008

The old Donnelly River Mill, Locomotive Shed, now used as a Bed and Breakfast Lodge, 5th of February 2011

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The western side of the Mill, 5th of February 2011

Track still in place, at Donnelly Mill, 2008

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