Bakers Hill

Bakers Hill Station Platform, 27th of January 2005

Location: On the route of the former Eastern Railway from Midland Junction to Spencers Brook, Bakers Hill is located between Clackline and Wundowie.

Bakers Hill Station was a wooden Island platform with a small passenger shelter, there was also a small siding at the station. The tracks through
Bakers Hill, were not pulled up, until 1980, when the remaining section of the original Eastern Railway between Wundowie and Spencers Brook was closed,
compared to the section from Wundowie to Bellevue, which was pulled up in 1966.

The platform it's self is located about 100 metres north of the Great Eastern HWY, as you pass through the centre of Bakers Hill town site, just behind
the Petrol Station, If I remember correctly.

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Bakers Hill Station Platform, 27th of January 2005

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